I want to buy a house. Now what?!

Things to do

·       Don't quit or change your job, income or marital status.

·       Don't buy any large ticket items (like five dollars or more!)

·       Don’t get advice from a buying committee who are not your realtor.

·       Don't Make David Copperfield deposits (all funds need to be traceable)

·       Don't talk to Sellers directly (loose lips sink ships)

·       Not being completely honest with the lender about child support, alimony, wage garnishments or any other payroll reduction.

·       Delaying paperwork because you are irritated by the frequency and number of request from the Mortgage Company.

·       Do not co-sign for even a candy bar!

·       Don't schedule a vacation before we close.  

·       Don't do anything that will pull a credit report – like order Direct TV, Cable, or go shopping for furniture

Mortgage? Cash? 1031 Exchange? 

You have options. Possibly several. You will want to talk to your financial advisor to see if cash makes sense for you, or is possible.  

Need a mortgage? I have worked with many mortgage companies and agent and can give you a list of a few great suggestions.

80 - 85%

It is possible to buy the first house you see. It is possible to see every house on the market, spend a crazy amount of time doing it,  and never make a decision. It just depends on what you want.

I need to know what you can't live with out, what you would like and what are deal breakers. Of course, that list may change as we are looking, but its a great place to start.